QA engineers work on testing all delivered code and write automated tests for developed components. Add customization features and turn your ERP into a hyper relevant software product. Constantly follow trends and keep an eye on the market situation. Customization and personalization may be powerful tools to keep your business in the desired position.

build your own custom ERP

Before developing an ERP system, the team should have all the accumulated data at hand. It speeds up the work progress and gives developers a full understanding of your current business routine. By seeking experts, you save time and future investments – ERP developers know best how it should be done from the very beginning and can save you from mistakes in decision making. They review your requirements and draw up “a skeleton” of the future system.


It is also necessary to understand its functionality and operation cost. If your company has an ERP developer, you can calculate the exact ERP development cost. They automate and streamline business processes across all the documents.

build your own custom ERP

We provided staff augmentation resources for a development project. The team contributed engineers to follow an established roadmap to perform updates and add features. Their impressive team was more than able to fulfill our project needs, and their expertise and dedication led to smooth collaboration every step of the way. The result was a successfully launched product that has received lots of positive feedback. Our team built video streaming software as a web and desktop app for a third-party client.

As with any business, our organizational complexity is growing quickly. The ERP software is highly compatible with other configurations and applications. All data is brought together to improve analytics and help you optimize processes across the company. If you feel like no existing enterprise resource planning systems work for you, it may be the time to turn your head towards custom ERP software development.


Because custom ERP systems are tailored to your specific needs, they can more quickly adapt to changing business conditions. No matter how adaptable a SaaS solution is, it will never be able to fulfill all of the business needs. That is why information architecture is the foundation for any project.

build your own custom ERP

Having a small or middle company, you can integrate the software quite fast. However, enterprises can face integration difficulties due to many parts of the product. Your developers can customize parts of the system, manipulating with source code and APIs (this process is usually time-consuming).

How Much Time Does ERP App Development Take?

Our specialization is any-scale custom digital products architecture and delivery for multiple business domains. So, if you create an ERP for desktop platforms, developers will use C++ or C# and Swift or Objective-C . For the web version, software engineers use Angular, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and Node.js. Morover, during the development, it’s common to use various third-party integrations. Developers can integrate services like G Suite, Office 365, and others into your ERP system.

build your own custom ERP

This type of software may support industry-specific requirements; the modules for your custom ERP software fully depend on your business and the niche in which you operate. Business process automation is at the core of Creator’s low-code framework. Our model apps for operations help centralize enterprise-wide operations from managing orders to managing your external stakeholders. In addition, our industry-oriented model apps give you a glimpse into the customizations you can achieve for your industry-specific needs.

Their constant dedication led to a truly successful engagement, and the final product exceeded all our expectations. INTRODUCTION Projects are typically complex, which is particularly true when software, hardware build your own custom ERP and information technologies are involved. Hence, there is a need for a thorough written plan, complete with a budget and defined goals, milestones, and a carefully drafted schedule among other elements.

How Much Does it Cost to Make your Own ERP?

ERP is fundamentally complex, for it deals with deep operational end-to-end business processes. As a platform for developing different types of applications, .NET may be the right choice for your ERP solution. Using this platform as your primary tool, you will be able to take advantage of the whole set of robust tools for web development in the first place. Alternatively, ASP.NET Core is even better-fit for fulfilling the above tasks. Using it, a development team will be able to come up with Internet-connected, optionally cloud-based, complex software like the ERP is.

After the client had approved the wireframes, we created a UX/UI design making the platform simple yet attractive to users. Panorama Consulting Solutions report, about 23% of ERP implementations have been unsuccessful. The main reasons for failure are purchasing an unnecessary turnkey system and poor planning.

Current solutions are hindering the development of the company

Developers need more time to build the required features not talking about a higher qualification. As ERP systems cover the entire company’s work, they’re pretty large. It’s complicated to calculate the final price because it depends on requirements and the project’s overall complexity. I’ve already touched the SaaS app development topic and revealed its price.

You can either buy ready-made design templates available on Creative Market by Dribbble, or you can add a dedicated designer to your web app development team. Ready-made designs are instantly available on particular web platforms, so if you choose them, you don’t have to invest time in the custom design phase. At the same time, they may fail to meet your custom app needs. Choose a software development company that has solid experience in ERP systems development.

Rule 3. Implementation is as important as ERP software development process

We wanted to create something entirely bespoke to us, rather than just a complete off-the-shelf solution. So it had to be complex enough to fit the needs of the business while being simple enough so that most can easily use it. ERP custom software is highly compatible and you can integrate it with a wider set of APIs from different software and data partners.

The Main Steps of Successful ERP App Development

Allows users and businesses to stay abreast with laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications. The first and the important step to making ERP software is that you need to define your target. If you have no future vision and the right direction, the chances of success are lesser. If you are suffering a lot in your business regarding the inability to keep up with demand because of a conventional system, ERP application will improve the growth potential. ERP implementation in your business will show you immediate results because you don’t have to depend on others. Not only is a DIY system time-consuming to create and roll out, but it can also be more expensive as you add customizations.

This brainstorming activity may help to come up with the best solution and solid ERP design and system. The right ERP implementation in your job can streamline your most tedious task. It eliminates redundant tasks like data entry and allows the application to perform tough calculations within seconds.

The lack of customization is, however, the reverse side of buying the software. Sooner or later, this disadvantage starts overweighing the cost benefits, especially as the company is growing. ERP development acquisition is more costly in terms of upfront money than in-house ERP custom software development.

Every year, Panorama analyzes industry trends to understand organizations’ selection and implementation practices when it comes to enterprise software. Apart from making the developers and special testers try out the software, let your employees try to work with it. They might find something that the developers wouldn’t even think of.