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Inside bar refers to a candlestick pattern that consists of two candlesticks in which the most recent candlestick will form within the range of the previous candle. It is the most widely used candlestick pattern and there is a clear logic behind this pattern. It can make you a profitable trader if you will use it in the correct way. As the name suggests, an inside bar chart pattern engulfs the inside of a large candle, some call it a mother bar. When price breaks those key levels, it tends to move to the next key level. The Fibonacci tool is a powerful natural tool and I have used it to adjust take profit level.

You should not trade if the inside bar has long shadows – doji or pinbar. The InSide Bar Strategy is a significant candlestick pattern that helps traders time entries with low risk. This strategy can be used to follow and trade with a trend or with reversals.

Once those two criteria are met and an inside bar forms, then we have a good entry place for a potential trade. Let’s have a look at a few continuation patterns of an inside bar within an established trend. The best inside bar setups form just after a breakout from a preceding pattern. In a trend, the consolidation is triggered when longs decide to begin taking profits .

Not a Solid Support/Resistance Level

We find an inside bar, its price should be more than 50% of the mother candle. Only bars at the top or bottom of the movement are considered – we are looking for a reversal. The inside bar setup is capable of producing consistent profits, but only to the traders who mind the six characteristics discussed above. You can modify these strategies too according to your temperament. But keep in mind that confluences are necessary to increase risk reward and winning ratio. Place a buy stop order above the high of inside bar in case of false support zone breakout.

However, when you know what to look for, these setups can be quite profitable. Price action is also in a range and there is no obvious trend or support/resistance level. You might have been lucky if your took a long trade, but over time, you’ll lose more of these trades than you win. This is one of the most popular technical chart patterns around and there are several trading strategies that utilize this pattern. Before we get into actual trading strategies, let’s see at what an Inside Bar looks like, what it can tell us, and why it happens. There are limitations to almost every indicator, and those specific to the InSide Bar Strategy would be choosing to trade the breakout of the indicator.

Stop Loss when Trading Inside Bars

As such, there is not sufficient buying or selling pressure to break the previous bar’s high or low. Regardless of how you define a trend, spend a lot of time in Forex Tester or using screenshots to look at many different types of trends. Make sure that your method of identifying a trend really does give you an edge. To get notifications when Inside Bars print on your MetaTrader chart, you can use one of our handy alert indicators.

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Remember that an inside bar represents consolidation after a large move. This is what makes these patterns so lucrative – the fact that we are trading a breakout after a period of consolidation. Therefore the tighter this consolidation is, the more volatile the ensuing breakout will be. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but in my experience, it holds true more often than not. In my experience, the smaller the inside bar is relative to the mother bar, the greater your chances are of experiencing a profitable trade setup. Ideally, we want to see the inside bar form within the upper or lower half of the mother bar.

What Doesn’t Matter When Trading Inside Candles

TrueLiving Media LLC and Hugh Kimura accept no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of this information. Depending on what you are trading and what your end goals are, your exits will vary. If you are looking to capture a swing, some traders find it most helpful to exit trades before any opposition starts. If aiming to ride a trend, however, traders tend to trail their stop loss just as the market begins to adjust to their prediction. The standard InSide bar has a small range and is “covered” by the previous candle.

reward ratio

InSide Bars vary in size and range of the candle body, with the smaller variants showing an indecisive market. The strategy is useful when determining market strength and to capture a swing or ride a trend on the exit. In the EUR/GBP chart below, the preceding trend is seen by lower lows and lower highs. The breakout occurs below the low of the ‘preceding bar’ thus triggering a short entry into the market. Had this breakout occurred above the high of the ‘preceding bar’ then this can signal a long entry indicating a potential reversal in trend. Trading against the trend carries more risk which leads to greater caution taken by the trader.

Inside Day Breakout with Narrow Range (ID NR

However, if this happens you should look to see if there is an Inside bar failure pattern emerging. In this next section we will take a closer look at the Hikkake pattern, which is an inside bar fakeout. When you see this pattern, you should position yourself in the market to trade in the opposite direction to the one which you had previously placed. The image demonstrates an inside day with narrow range a.k.a the ID-NR4 Pattern.


Enter Break of Engulfing Larger Candle Inside Candle method is a great short term… The price range of the inside bar must be less than 50% of the mother candle. The user is in a position, sees a large candle in the direction of the deal. After the order is triggered, a stop is placed behind the extremum of the inside bar or the breakout candle. An outside bar is a candle that completely covers the price range of the mother candle. If the mother bar has a weak body then it might not be very sure to trade in it.

Pin Bar Trading Strategy

This that I am referring to is the Inside Bar pattern. We will discuss the structure of the inside bar setup and the psychology behind it. And finally we will go through a few of inside bar variations that you should become familiar with. Last but not least, the size of the inside bar relative to the mother bar is extremely important. This idea piggybacks off of number four above, where the inside bar forms in the upper or lower range of the mother bar.

Again, some traders can get so wrapped up in taking trades that they forget to examine the quality of the signal. If you are still struggling with drawing support and resistance levels, read this guide. As mentioned previously, the inside bar represents a period of short-term consolidation with low volatility within a trending market. Traders then look to trade breakouts after a new high/low is formed.

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A trading strategy can be built both on the “pure” application of the inside and outside bar, and using filters. They can also be used as an additional signal in other strategies. Below is a great example of a bullish inside bar pattern that formed on the Hindustan Unilever daily time frame. This is actually a trade setup that was called here at Daily Price Action and has worked out beautifully thus far. Check the trendline breakout with mother candlestick and inside bar formation after mother bar. This ID NR4 trading pattern is quite a prolific and reliable setup that astute traders can take advantage of.

See the inside bar indicator of the price range of the mother candle and the inside bar. If the mother candle is large, it is recommended to look for reversal trades. There must be a directional move before the pattern appears. When trading intraday, you should trade in the American session.